The Stone Bowl Grill

This next review was an unplanned stop in the middle of Milwaukee, Wisconsin called The Stone Bowl Grill.  There is only street parking which was not an issue for us because of the many open spaces.  They serve traditional Korean dishes such as noodles, kimchi and bibimbop in hot stone bowls.   Their menu is rather extensive that includes Chef and Lunch Specials. 

Inside there were very few patrons at the restaurant, and it was not a long wait to be seated.  The smells emanating from the kitchen were both strong and mouthwatering.  We did not select any appetizers but rather went straight for the main courses.  We ordered the Bulgogi (beef marinated in a soy Asian pear sauce) and Dak (spicy chicken stir fried with vegetables).  Along with these dishes we were served the traditional side of rice and condiments. 

The beef dish was slightly sweet from the pear sauce and resembled that of sweet beef jerky.  The sauce on the chicken tasted similar to traditional hot wings.  Both were delicious and filling.  The waitstaff was attentive and helpful – always making sure everything was ok and that our water glasses were full.  The items in the menu are a bit overpriced compared to the amount of food we received. However, if you find yourself in Milwaukee and are in the mood for Korean, then the restaurant is worth the visit.

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