Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi serves traditional French bistro food with a baguette (bread).  “Mon Ami” means “my friend” in French and Gabi is for the owner Gabino Sotelino.  The restaurant is all about embracing food, wine and culture that satisfies all tastes.  There are currently five locations and we went to the one in Oakbrook.  There is no dress code to enter the restaurant.  Inside, the dark wood floors are easily noticeable.  The restaurant also had tulip lamps and bistro chairs / No. 14 chairs.

The server taking our order was exceptional in explaining the different kind of appetizers and dinner menu options.  For appetizers the French Onion Soup was rich, deeply comforting and flavorful.  It combined caramelized onions with beef broth and melty cheese.  The Baked Goat Cheese with tomato sauce had a homemade marinara-mixed that was not overly seasoned.  The ingredients consisted of goat cheese, marinara sauce, basil, salt and bread. 

Classique Steak Frite came with fries that was cut classically thin and grilled to medium rare.  The steak was tender and juicy.  The fries were seasoned with salt and pepper, but not overly crispy because of the steak juices.  Trout Almondine was covered with butter, citrus and sliced almonds.  It can be best described as delicate and seasoned perfectly.  We ended the meal with Chocolate Mousse consisting of chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate pearls.  It was not as sweet as one would expect.  It had a dark chocolate flavor that was rich. 

Mon Ami Gabi is recommended for special occasions such as anniversaries or birthdays. 

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  1. Amazing food. 😋

  2. I remember when the Oak Brook location opened. (I remember when Oak Brook was all farmland.) When I was in college, I loved going to Mon Ami Gabi with my family. I’d always order the escargot for the table and the steak with fries for an entree. It was harder to eat there as an adult vegan, so I stopped going, but my parents still enjoy eating there. They used to have a great old school waiter when I was younger, who was either a mind reader, or he just had an impeccable memory; he always knew what everyone wanted before they ordered. He knew what drink I liked, and he anticipated when everyone wanted their glasses refilled, their coffee topped off, or whatever. He made dining out an experience as much as the food. That level of service is expected by regulars, which I was not. I only went there a couple times a year, when I was home from school. I don’t think of myself as being easily impressed, but that guy’s talent was remarkable.

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