Hairy Cow Brewing Company

Our next tasteful adventure leads us to the Hairy Cow Brewing Company known for their craft beer and homemade artisan pizzas.  It is located in Byron, IL on the banks of Rock River.  There is plenty of parking to choose from and customers have the option of being seated inside or outside (weather permitting).  Inside of the building can be described as one with high ceilings, beautiful fireplace and ample lighting.

Due to the current pandemic, the menu items were limited – mostly hand tossed wood-fired pizzas with few appetizers and salad options.  We ordered the breakfast all day pizza and the mushroom pizza.  The breakfast all day pizza was topped with fresh mozzarella, spinach, bacon and scrambled eggs.  The mushroom pizza was topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic and onions.  The crusts were sturdy and crispy, and the toppings perfectly hot and melted together.  The pizzas tasted similar to what one would eat from Italy.  The dough is made fresh daily and in-house consisting of flour, yeast and water. 

The staff was friendly and accommodative.  We had two extra people unexpectedly join our group.  The waitress easily made us feel comfortable and took us to a larger table.  She also checked on us frequently to make sure we had everything we needed.  Our only concern is when the food came out, the waitress initially needed help remembering who ordered which dish.  Aside from that, we were delighted with the experience.  For an amazing environment and delicious food, Hairy Cow Brewing Company is worth a visit if you are in the small town of Byron or surrounding area.

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