Golden Brunch

This week’s culinary adventure was to a classic American favorite:  Brunch.  It’s a meal eaten on the weekends (typically Sunday’s) before 2 PM with friends and family.  Brunch is all about socializing while enjoying a mix of two favorite meals combined together:  breakfast and lunch. 

We decided on Golden Brunch in Arlington Heights, Illinois on a Sunday morning around 11 AM.  Entering the restaurant, there was a long line of customers.  The wait time was about 15 minutes for a table.  Upon being seated we were given the menu.  A wide variety of both breakfast and lunch options were available.  The items ranged from eggs and waffles to burgers and salads.  We both decided on breakfast items – The very berry signature pancakes and 2 eggs with bacon, hash browns and buttermilk pancakes. 

The food arrived quickly after we ordered.  The eggs were decent (made from liquid eggs – typical for a family style restaurant) and the hash browns were crispy and hot. The bacon was cooked to a nice crisp.  The buttermilk pancakes were fluffy, sweet, and filling.  The edges were not as crispy as they should have been.  The very berry signature pancakes were too sweet.  Only half of the pancakes were consumed.  It consisted of strawberries, blueberries, strawberry mascarpone, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. 

Overall, the brunch experience was wonderful.  Reservations are not allowed at the restaurant.  They abide by first-come-first-serve principle.  Golden Brunch is recommended for anyone seeking enjoyment to their lazy Sunday with people early in the day as opposed to dinner. 

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  1. delicious place!

  2. laborsettadelledonne says:

    Miss having brunch so much!! Here we had buffet lunches (before Covid), but they are not comparable in any way to brunch in the U.S.!

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