Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi

Hibachi is a grilling technique that uses a flat-top grill to cook meats, vegetables and rice.  In a Hibachi show the cook typically juggles eggs with a spatula, flips pieces of food into customers mouth and lights a volcano-shaped stack of raw onion hoops on fire.  To get the full Hibachi experience, we decided on Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi.  It is a Japanese style restaurant located in West Allis, Wisconsin.  Reservations were made for 8 P.M., but we had to wait an additional 30 minutes to be seated.  The wait time was indeed long but to be fair the restaurant was packed and the servers were doing their best. 

After being seated drinks were ordered and then we decided on the main course. We ordered a combination dinner of chicken and calamari with rice and chicken and steak with noodles.  Customizing your meals was common for customers that night.  Rice, noodles, eggs, shrimp, chicken, steak, pork, broccoli, carrots and onions were all used giving you a front row seat to everything that goes into making your meal. 

Salad and soup were provided as the chef starts to cook your meal.  He began by pouring two different dipping sauces for each guest: ginger and honey mustard.  Each chef has a different style for their Hibachi show, with ours flipping small pieces of broccoli into our mouth.  As the Japanese chef started to chop the vegetables, it is easy to notice the masterful knife skills he possessed.  The amount of time and practice it takes to develop quick chopping skills with relative ease was quite impressive. 

When our main meals were served the proportion size of the rice was less compared to the amount of chicken, calamari and vegetables we had.  The meal would have been tastier with more rice in the plate.  However, the meats were perfectly cooked and coated in a dark, savory sauce that left you wanting more.

Hibachi is all about getting entertained while eating your meal.  The chef makes jokes and there is theatrical flair with their unique knife skills.  It is recommended for birthdays or a night out with a group of friends.  The menu items for Fujiyama Sushi & Hibachi are all reasonably priced and the tip is automatically added to your bill. 

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