Lucrezia Italian Ristorante

Lucrezia Café currently has 3 locations in Indiana, so we decided to venture out to the one in Crown Point.  It is considered Northern Italian Cuisine that offers “open seating” – first come, first serve method.  Reservations are not accepted at any of the locations.  Driving to the restaurant, it is apparent more lighting and bigger signs are needed.  We were unable to find the restaurant at first glance.  Doubling back the place was located.  The permanent structure is essentially a house converted into a restaurant.  Inside, we did have to wait about 30 mins before being seated and the waiting area does not have much room for their customers.  After being seated, the atmosphere in the dining room felt calm.  We were served sliced bread with olive oil, as we looked over the menu.

No appetizers were ordered, instead focusing on the main course and dessert.  For dinner we went with Cavatappi with grilled chicken and Penne Primavera with chicken.  Cavatappi with grilled chicken consisted of portobello mushrooms, tube shaped macaroni, shallots, and parmesan cream sauce.  The Cavatappi tasted salty, but the proportion size was perfect.  No need to order any more or end up having leftovers.  Penne Primavera had mixed vegetables, garlic, olive oil and fresh basil.  The dessert menu was long, but we decided to go for the traditional tiramisu and the mint chip gelato.  Tiramisu wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be, more soft and light.  It can be best described as creamy with a taste of cocoa powder in coffee-soaked sponge cake. 

After dessert food coma quickly set in where symptoms of drowsiness and fatigue were observed.  The total amount on the check was reasonable but the server processing the payment took longer than he should.  Thought he handed it back to us but later realized it was still in his pocket.  As we were waiting for our bill to get paid, I could not help but think about Kiosk pay at the table tablets.  It would have saved on the wait time and made the process more efficient.  With that said, for anyone wanting an enjoyable dining experience with friendly staff competent enough to explain the menu while providing recommendations, Lucrezia Italian Ristorante should be right up your alley!

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