Hot Pot Delight

As customers are slowly allowed back inside restaurants and bars due to the restrictions of COVID, Hot Pot Delight in Roselle, IL was the first restaurant we decided to review.  Hot Pot is a type of Chinese cuisine which involves preparing a bowl of boiling hot stock in the middle of a communal table and cooking a variety of ingredients in the stock. 

Arriving at the restaurant, parking is not an issue as it is located inside Cross Creek Commons Shopping Center.  Overcrowded parking will be rare even on Saturday nights because of the big lot.  However, entering the restaurant is a bit complicated.  Customers currently must go through Maria’s Mexican Restaurant next door to enter Hot Pot Delight due to a broken door.  Having to go inside one restaurant to get into another causes a bit of confusion and reluctance from potential customers especially at night.  The restaurant is low-key with a laid back atmosphere.  Inside the restaurant is small but clean with tables on one side and booths on the other. There was only one server working that Saturday which caused an issue because the restaurant was fairly busy.  It was difficult to get the servers attention which meant drinks took longer than usual to get refilled and for anything extra such as napkins or silverware.


Hot Pot Delight provides two options: All-You-Can-Eat or A La Carte.  The All-You-Can-Eat is a two hour limit, 2 portions of meat each round and for $30.00 per person.  Also, you order in rounds with the max being 3.  Round 1 starts with choosing the soup base.  The broth is mild, spicy or half and half bone broth full of flavor.  Then you select raw ingredients to put into the soup such as meat, vegetables, seafood, tofu, noodles, etc.  You cook it yourself with the flat glass hot burner being in the middle of the table.  The service is friendly, but there is an expectation you already know how the process works.  There was no explanation regarding how long to cook the meats.  Customers inexperienced with cooking will have issues unless they ask questions. When the food arrived, it was more than expected.  The meats were tender and all the vegetables were fresh.  Overall, everything was tasty and Hot Pot Delight is recommended for novices and seasoned hot pot foodies.  The restaurant is definitely a hidden gem. 

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  1. da-AL says:

    looks interesting!

  2. Chi says:

    I saw your post on Nextdoor. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
    I tried Hot Pot Delight once before the COVID. The bone broth is so good! Even better than the most of the restaurants in Chinatown!
    You should make a suggestion to the owner regarding the cook time guideline. I never thought about that because hot pot is very common in our culture, we do that at home, with friends, at work, etc.
    I am glad you enjoyed the hot pot experience!

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